is not a state of being
that is impenetrable,
but is a space where you are invited in,
to break the stronghold of believing
that you are alone.

Jesus was alone in the garden of Gethsemane
in the most dreadful hour, but angels came
to strengthen him
and his father heard him
even though it wasn’t the answer he wanted, God heard every syllable
caught every tear
and drop of blood

and when he hung on the cross and wanted to give up
God said to him
“Look at Mary and John
your mother and your brother
you would never let THEM go to hell.
Save them, and you get the whole world as a bonus.”

There is no joy
like redemption
Like salvation of what was lost
to rescue something from the brink.

The cost is high
and disciples deserted him
but they returned
in power
to save the world from turmoil
and permanently shift the nations to a more
peaceful way
away from the barbarism, cruelty and violence
to where every pagan even knows
the way of peace.

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