Blue Sun

Off we slid while
gloves off kid
manners false escaping

the torrid faults line
all the way around
epic centers creating the
momentum quiet place in
the midst of spinning like millions
of waves atmospheric measure
caves into the crest of
crescendo peaking the likes of
all we’d hold fundamental
if the problem was known
solution sown gathered from the
reaches of sound and light manifested
in just one word
syntax spawn sealed to hearts
interest waived
breakthrough saved
from an undertow threatening
to walk alone.

In a community all is healed
hurts are unmasked
forgiveness peeled
stickers stuck to a body
all united in Him.

-Nathan Stanton

20 Responses to “Blue Sun”

  1. dharmendra desai says:

    the roman catholic church follows a no salvation wihtout jesus policy. while there is no reason not to belive in the divinity of Christ, to believe that he was the only divine form to grace his planet seems to me to limit God’s omnipotence dont yo think that it is dogma (the above is only an example, all religions have there dogma) that is the biggest treat to spirituality raher than science. paul Davies in his ‘god and the new physics’ calls science a surer way to god than religion. what do you think? also i have read the likes of Dawkins attacking God, it is smoetimes rather childish, in all his books he is attacking only one concept of God, some god with a white beard sitting some where in heaven dispensing justice, in a jealous and begotted manner.

    • perrymarshall says:

      Dawkins is a good zoologist but he is not someone to be taken seriously when he waxes philosophical.

    • Dalibor Šver says:

      Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Bible says so, not just the Catholic Church.

      I was a Catholic as a kid, and in my opinion they promote worshiping Mary as a way to salvation. No offense, but that is the message they constantly send out by singing to her, praying to her, building her statues etc.

      • Mario Cinquina says:

        Hi Dalibor, I too was brought up Roman Catholic, however, I was thought somewhat different. I was told that in no way are we to worship Mary or any of the other saints. If my memory serves me correctly, “I was told that we can only venerate Mary and the saints at most.” If I remember my latin, not too sure, but I think it comes from the word veneratio which means to give honor and respect to. I was a Catholic when they would perform the mass in the latin language. I don’t recall the word veneratio being employed during the mass, but we had to learn enough latin to understand the religious significance of the churches program and that word was definitely covered, however, the etymological structure of the word may have changed through the years giving it a different definition and perhaps the C.C. may have decided to drop it. Just speculating on this last point in reference to this word. In closing we were taught that Mary was the mediatrix and perhaps still plays that role in the C.C. However, that role was vastly delineated that Mary functioned as, as opposed to the role of mediator that her son functioned as. The same teachings were in the Catholic church as there was and perhaps still is in the christian church, however much of it is clothed in paganism. Remove the clothing and you can see how christianity is cryptically place within all this. I remember the nuns would tell us that we were a christian first and a catholic second. The only thing vastly different between the catholic and christian church was that there were no alter calls in the catholic church because we were already considered saved by unscriptural infant baptism. As philosopher, I highly recommend that you follow your conscious and go where you feel comfortable at, any christian church that is Christ lifting not just in word, but in spirit and fruit would be a great choice. Sorry to hear that your church over emphasized Mary. Have a great day. Mario

    • robert taylor says:

      With reference to the possiblity that God may have sent other messengers before Jesus. Or even after.
      Jesus is claimed to be the son of the ancient god of the Isrealites. And as we all know, He is a Jealous God.
      So, therefore no other religeon can be allowed, especially not one in the name of a pagan god. After speaking to the assembled Isrealites at Sinia, the God of the Jews has not been heard from since then. The sect of Judaism that arose some time after that revelation,known as the Sadducees, only accepted that revelation as having any truth to it. As spoken to Moses.This was the handing down of the Law. Which, like God, was unchangeable. At this revelation God promised those who worshipped Him long life and prosperity for them and their families.No mention of an afterlife.God also mentioned that He was a Jealous God, and that His name was Jealous. See Genesis. Other sects came into existence as time went by, all vehemently denounced as heretical by the Sadducees, leading to much war and bloodshed among the Jews.Another leading sect of Judaism was the Pharisees, who had adopted many of the pagan ideas about God. Ideas such as an afterlife, (which was Eygptian, as was the practice of circumcision), angels, angelic messengers, priests, prophets. All borrowed from earlier religeons. Judaism was at war with itself for a large part of its existence because of these new attachments to Judaism.There was never any mention of the God who spoke at Sinia ever having a son. That was another pagan idea. Lots of the pagan gods had sons, sent to earth guide mankind.
      The Sadducees and the Pharisees could never get on. There where other sects too and they could never agree either.Judasm was always a divided religeon, just as Christianity is today. That is a good thing though because when Christianity was a powerful religeon it was also a persecuting religeon. Because the God that they worship is a Jealous God,and whose name we know for sure, because He told us, is Jealous.
      I am of the opinion that the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 because of the all internal wars and bickering that went on in Gods name.
      Perhaps it was Gods Will.
      I am also of the opinion that no such person as Jesus of Nazareth ever existed. The NT is simply the script from an ancient pagan mystery play, adopted by some Jews, such as Paul, perhaps in an attempt to heal the religeous madness that has always been associated with this God.
      Judging by the history of Christianity it did not work.
      And now we another attachment to the religeon of the ancient Jews, Islam.
      The religeous intolerence introduced at Sinia continues.

  2. emefu matthew says:

    where did God come from

    • James Potter says:

      It is very highly Classified .You don’t have proper clearence. but I will answer if you ask.
      Your ‘Concept’ of what God is and who he is and how the world (all creation even undiscovered stuff that lies beyond our entire Universe) is very very different from reality you look at God as the guy who made Earth (only) and everything you see you are like a fish in a pond trying to understand the vastness and complexity of the universe. But do not worry knowledge always comes to those who seek it but more important for you is to find the place to seek it from.

  3. emefu matthew says:

    is there hell fire? like the book of revelation 20 Vs 14 says and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the scond death. That is what i don’t real understand if there is hell and if it is were is it. Heven or earth? Matthew

    • mick tulk says:

      Dear emefu matthew , Perry Marshall is more eminently qualified to answer your first question .I have an answer but he will explain better. As to your second question my answer is this ….whether the desciptions of hell in the bible are even partly literal ( in that they talk of a geographical location ) or correspond to something even more ” substantial ” ,being spiritual and eternal, it is a state of unspeakable horror. To elaborate from an earthly experience let me tell you what happened to me recently.I have been a believer for nearly 40 years but many things were unresolved in my life. I fell in love recently and overpowered by feelings I violated my conscience. The next morning I was gripped with a guilt , remorse and hopelessness that was completely alien to me. I literally felt that my soul ( mind, will, and emotions ) was burning in an eternal fire. I lay there helpless until God had mercy on me and relieved me.I am not sure if I could survive such an experience ever again. I see now, in retrospect, that He let me go through this so there would be no doubt of the gravity with which He views and can treat, sin.I have repented and enjoy a closer intimacy with God now , but I certainly have a new perspective about hell ! I hope this has been of help. Love in Christ Mick
      Rom 8:1
      1 Thess 5:23,24

      • emefu matthew says:

        dear bro mick tulk i have seen your mail, but my second question i ask is that (is there hell fire) that was my question, and i have seen what you have said. About the two quotation you give me i did not see where it talk about hell if it is or not. About what (Rom 8 vs 1) said (there is no condemnation to them which is in christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.) even (1 Thess 5 vs 23, 24) did not talk about what i ask.

        • mick tulk says:

          Dear emefu matthew
          I prayerfully share my answer as to where hell is.
          I believe I can tell you exactly where it is. It is , as I read it, in Eternity.The scripture refernce that I feel applies is I Thess I: 8-9
          The words “where” and “place” are limited , in our understanding , to temporal things in TIME. Since, as a rule , comparitively few people if any ( although Paul went to the third heaven ) have experienced clear experiences of eternity and it is, without Gods revelation, impossible anyway , it is I think the wrong question to ask where is it. A more revealing question may be ” Why is it” ( and theologians can talk for hours about that) , or even ” when is it ” as we approach the second coming of the Messiah, Jesus.Love , Mick

    • robert taylor says:

      How can a God of love create such punishment as Hellfire for anyone?
      How can a God of love punish anyone?
      Surely love gives, asks nothing in return, abides forever.

      • mick tulk says:

        Dear Robert, God has given sacrificially His own Son for the salvation of the world.He, now, does not ask men to turn to Him but commands them in the light of the immensity of that sacrifice.The scripture I show to support that is Acts 17 : 30-31 love , Mick.

      • emefu matthew says:

        dear robert God did not creat Hellfire for his children and we are his children. we all need to live a good live so that we will all be with him for ever.

        • James Potter says:

          Everyone will reach heaven but not you (as in your personality won’t but your soul(not you) will) eventually so no reason to fear.

  4. mhmd says:

    بإسم دينكم العظيم الدين المسيحي بإسم كل الشرفاء في العالم بإسم كل المقهورين والمظلومين وأسلكم بالله الذي يحب السلام أن تدعوا الله أن تكون سنة 2012 سنة سلام وخير على هذا الكوكب المبارك الذي وهبنا الله أياه لكي نحيا بسلام

  5. Tony Francis says:

    The name of the great religion of the Christian religion in the name of all people in the world in the name of all the oppressed and the oppressed and the Lord of God who love peace to invite God to be the 2012 year of peace and the good on this …

    What does this mean?

    • James Potter says:

      The comment got garbled in translation but i think he meant to say that he prays God take care of all of us . It’s a very nice thing to do to pray for strangers you don’t even know.

  6. milo says:

    if GOD LOVES us so much and gave is only son to die for the world sins,the devil should have been cast to hell,not the eath,that y in the world today we experience great sin and sufferin too.what did u say to this

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