7 Things Yo’ Momma Never Told You About Church History


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In this talk Perry Marshall selects 7 huge “anchor points” – 7 monumental ideas and events that changed civilization. You’ll see with new clarity how the world has been transformed in a positive way:

1. What ancient people really believed about the earth, science and technology (this one’s a big surprise – it’s NOT what you’ve been told!)

2. Robust evidence that the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – were written before 70 AD – well within the lifetimes of Jesus’ closest friends.

3. Faith and Science in 1000 BC, 1000 AD, and 2000

4. The true story behind those “extra” books the Catholics stuck in the middle of the Bible… and the Most Powerful Bible Verse they never taught you in Sunday School

5. The #1 idea in the American constitution came from the Bible. Trace the history of the world’s most dangerous idea

6. How we got the Bible we read today – a list of urban legends, and the truth of what actually happened

7. The printing press, the protestant reformation and the evolution of technology

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Written Transcript

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107 Responses to “7 Things Yo’ Momma Never Told You About Church History”

  1. mack hall says:

    PREDESTINATION: In Reformation theology, predestination says G_d does all the work involved in salvation. That includes even choosing who is to be saved. That is necessary because, in this way of thinking, even making the choice to respond to G_d’s call to salvation might be considered a ‘good work,’ and salvation would not be by faith alone. Therefore, before creation of the world, everyone who eventually will be saved has already been selected by name. In other words they are “pre-destined” to be saved.
    Then when we are born and grow up, G_d forcibly makes those lucky persons he has chosen to respond to Messiah’s calling. And that includes forcibly making them show positive changes in their conduct. Since G_d forcibly makes everything happen, no credit goes to the individual, so there is no possibility man could be said to earn his own salvation.

  2. Guillermo Paxton says:

    If you really wish for people to take your comments seriously, please try to spell correctly.

    When Archimedes of Syracuse said that the world was round, and others did as well (much after him), people fought and raved and basically denied the very thought that it could be true. All because what they had been told was a fact since they were little was that the world was flat.

    Organized religion works the same way. How can one evolve as a human being with a closed mind?

  3. Kelly L. says:

    Perry, I listened to and enjoyed the audio of your class on Church history. If you’ve not already, I would like to highly recommend that you consider attending a very valueable view-expanding course entitled “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” put on nationwide by the Center for World Missions. (More info here: http://www.perspectives.org/)

    Regardless of where your heart currently is regarding “missions”, I know (by experience) that there is a ton of benefit to going through this class, as it has the potential to broaden your horizon in meaningful ways.

    Thanks for keeping this site (as well as your “cosmic” one) going – if for nothing other than its honest, straightforward engagement with the tough questions being raised! Keep it up!

    His Blessings passed on,

  4. Joel Wheeler says:

    Wow. My head hurts after reading all of that.

    You’re all nuts.

  5. REZA JOHANN says:

    religion is very sensitive and in a way is beyond logical thinking.
    Year by year,do refer to the worlds’ civilizations.When religions were made available to the middle east,CHINA was already a great nation,watch the discovery channel.

    This often makes me ponder.

  6. edmond kwan says:

    found your discussions whilst browsing…wonderful to see and hear so many discussing about my King..there is only one way to settle and answer all the questions,and that is for his servants to finish fulfilling the scriptures so He can return on clouds of glory with all His matryed saints with Him, to begin His millenial reign, and yes..He will save the muslims from the antichrist as prophesied also. Abdul..if you are still following this..Jesus came to save to world,as well as reveal His Father to those His Father draws to Him. All who believe are saved, but not all can see His Father whom He reveals…to believe in God and serve Him even to love Him is religion, to know the Father revealed by Jesus..that is relationship. There is the christian religion and there is the relationship through Christ, that gives sonship.Those who have been through the former to be invired to the latter knows the difference, but to those who are stuck in the outer courts of religion…sonship through Jesus CHrist remains a mystery until the Father draws them to His Son….Dr.Ed

  7. Andrea Fitzgerald says:

    This is totally off topic, but has dogged me for a long time. Why do Christians celebrate the Sabbath on the first day of the week, when God intended it to be celebrated on the seventh day of the week…

    • noelbsan says:

      andrea, as for my understanding that Sabbath you mentioned are only for the Israel of the old & new testament, so that they may praise and give thanks to god as one nation, as for us Christians,our early church fathers choose it, and we follows. It is not the question of how holy is the day is, but how me treat that day as holy.
      please, im not good in english.

  8. ValtApparly says:

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    Large Community, good all!

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